Why Support is critical to success

Support is needed when we want to reverse chronic disease and autoimmunity naturally, because it takes a great deal of effort and knowledge to be successful. 

Having the right support makes healing easier and more enjoyable.

The problem is, when we create new diet and lifestyle habits, this unintentionally affects those around us. Starting to eat differently, can cause stress and frustration to friends and family.

They may find themselves unsure how to cater for you and feel confused and stressed.  This can lead to them being unsupportive and resistant to change.

Many people don’t understand how diet and lifestyle helps reverse chronic disease.

But there is indisputable evidence and research now that supports this style of natural healing and it might help to share that knowledge with them, however not everyone is willing to listen or accept the idea we have the power to control our health.

Even some health professionals struggle with this idea and prefer to manage symptoms with medication, rather than supporting the body naturally.

I was fortunate to find an open-minded doctor and specialist to work with, but they can be difficult to find. Doctors are not always supportive and don't always share these ideas. Some do not like you asking questions and challenging their authority. Many health professionals are not educated in natural healing and will not be able to offer any guidance or support because, they simply don't have the knowledge. Shop around for open-minded doctors who will support your journey, they are out there and do exist.

How to find support

Once you’ve made the choice to improve your health, it’s time to go out and find positive, motivating, supportive people.

Find a doctor who is open to you using food as medicine, find a mentor, make new friends and surround yourself with people who value healthy lifestyle choices and eliminate any negative chatter that gets in the way.

Look for positive, motivating and supportive people and professionals who:

  • Instil confidence in you
  • Create hope
  • Encourage you to have faith when things don't go to plan
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Offer real solutions and not just uneducated opinions
  • Motivates you to stick with it and try new things

Cooling Habits Online Support Forum

Because I believe having support is so important, I’ve created an online forum where you can access help when needed. It’s a safe place to:

  • Get encouragement and motivation
  • Discuss ideas
  • Access extensive resources, further education & recipes
  • Chat about setback and challenges
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Build confidence and support others

If you’ve like to know more, then take a look at my 4-week Anti-inflammatory Healing Program and start healing today.

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